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What's your favourite Subahibi's chapter?

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I was surprised to see that this question hasn't been asked yet (or at least, couldn't find it)

I personally loved Looking-glass but damn it was hard to read.

It's my own invention was awesome too but I despise Takuji, he ruined it for me.

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"Looking-glass insects" is my favorite, even though I feel like the massive stream of H-scenes in the middle of the chapter kind of breaks the immersion. But the first and the last thirds of the chapter were pretty cool!

After that, I guess, "Down the rabbit-hole II". Didn't like "It's my own invention" to be honest, as it was way to weird for my liking.

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Pretty surprised to see two people that liked Looking Glass Insects in a row (only liked the Kimika branch and the last half hour of the regular ending). My favorite was Jabberwocky I, because it took a lame plot twist and expanded upon it making the overall story amazing.

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The best chapter is Looking-Glass Insects.  It pretty much perfectly encapsulates the work as a whole.  Whenever I'm talking about nerd stuff with my friends and want to make a comparison to Subahibi an example from this chapter is inevitably front and center.

The worst chapter is Which Dreamed It.  It's like choosing to watch a recap episode as soon as you finish marathoning a show.


The best chapter is Down The Rabbit Hole 2.  I love horror, but it's almost impossible to find horror done well.  This chapter was spot on.

The worst chapter is Down The Rabbit Hole 1.  I almost gave up on Subahibi because of this chapter.  Without the context of the later chapters it's boring and it was difficult for me to find the motivation to get through it.  Yes, it's pretty good with the context of the later chapters, but the fact that I almost missed out on my now favorite VN makes me hold a certain level of disdain for this chapter.

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Invention and Insects for me (pretty basic answers at this point, though). The thing I find most interesting about these two chapters is that they use a similar framework to convey different ideas about suffering. They both feature lonely and mentally unstable protagonists that are thrust into increasingly more extreme situations that eventually lead to the "End Sky" (or, in a more literal sense, the "End Earth"). Takuji and Zakuro were ultimately trapped in their own worlds. Their perceptions of reality were twisted to the point where absurd conclusions seemed like the only sane ones. It sort of points back to Ayana's speech on how humans can't understand death and have to change it to a form they can relate to. They wanted to find the truth in the end sky, but they ended up returning to the earth instead.

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My favorite chapter in SubaHibi? Hmm, that one is hard to answer. I don't really have a favorite one. I just have the ones I liked and the ones I hated. I am surprised to see so many people liking the Insects chapter. It's the part of the VN where I thought the story took a nosedive. And I didn't really like the main plot twist of the VN.

But... I liked the VN as a whole. For me, the best parts of the VN are in the first, second, and third chapters (basically, Takuji and Yuki's POV chapters). Other than that, I liked a lot one of the final endings of the VN, the one named "The Hill of Sunflowers" or something like that. It's the only time when I got immersed into the story again.

In a nutshell, what I want to say is that:


Zakuro, Tomosane, and Hasaki's chapters are utter bullshit.

There's my two cents on the subject at hand.

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