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Hi, I'm new to VN. My friend was the one introduce me to vn (katawa,majikoi,muv-luv etc) and I understand that not all visual novel are translated (princess lover,shuffle essence+,kimi ga nozomu eien and this vn about fencing)  -removed-  Oh, and don't worry about not understanding Japanese's lang, I have VNR (just in case). Thank you.  

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If you do not understand Japanese I would recommend that you go for things that are translated rather than japanese only releases as there are a lot of VNs that has been translated and actual translations should be much better to read than VNR. As for pirating I am pretty sure asking for where to pirate is against the rules of this site as it does not promote pirating. 

Under is a list of visual novels that have an official english release. There are also some other titles that has gotten fan patches in english that you can probably look for on vndb but I specialise on official releases so I would not be much of help when it comes to those.


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