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Yotsunoha Opinions

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Hey everyone I finally have some time to start up a new VN and I saw that Yotsunoha was a new vn that just came out and I'm wondering what, any of you guys that have played it, opinions on the Vn is and if it's worth playing and how the romance aspect is and such.


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BTW, if there was no honorifics switch, I think there would be already a pitchfork-armed mob storming SolPress' HQ just after seeing the first line of the game :D



Yep, you guessed right, she said "Oniichan" :P But the situation is complicated, as she's older than MC-kun, and isn't even his sister. This translation actually may work, if other things are done properly...


Iori is Makoto’s childhood friend, who used to live together with him, and is also one year his senior. Putting it nicely, she is an older “little sister.”

Whatever's the case, flipping honorifics switch solves the "problem" :P


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