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[REQUEST] Yotsunoha

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So I couldn't find anywhere that had a walkthrough so I figured I'd just start this thread so people can start constructing a guide. I seen pictures on it on vndb and it it had a map function so I didn't know if it meant something. I'd appreciate it if this site could make a guide for this VN because from I was finding no one has made a guide yet. Thanks in advance.

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So, I haven't played the game myself, but I asked around about it and here's what I got from one of the people who worked on the game as QA:


it's pretty self explanatory

nono/iori -> matsuri -> arisa

that's all

you just keep clicking/finding/talking to the girl u want, then it kinda goes on autopilot

you know you're in the girl's route when her icon appears on the save file, I think?

(we didn't have a walkthrough when QAing and it was fine)

I don't even remember there being dialogue options

just map movement

there's things you have to "find" but they're pretty much just a matter of clicking rooms until you get to the right one. doesn't take long.

not what you're looking for, I know, but hopefully better than nothing

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