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Suggest VN´s for frontsite

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If you have a visual novel you want to be added to frontsite

you can leave a suggestion here: 


if possible please include VNDB link.

otherwise it might be added in due time, but submissions make them get up faster and easier for us. 


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1 hour ago, Dreamysyu said:

Hmm. I'm pretty sure there were more VNs listed there during the dark past, or am I wrong?

Edit. Also, since these VN pages are linking to the walkthroughs, wouldn't it be better to go through VNs that already have a walkrthrough available first?

Yes, there used to be about 3 times more then been avaible now :-)

but already have fair bit of submissions and the walkthrough list(good suggestion) to go thrue so we will pass what we had before.

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So some notes of things that been mentioned in survey: 

     There will be a small survey hold in near future with some questions regarding for example titles without english patch or release should be on site etc.  we dont have access to the survey results from last time tay did it over a year ago. 

     so the reason titles show up on "recent releases" while not being recent/released is that we have a huge backlog to go thrue and add. the titles that show up in recent releases is the latest ones we have added to the site. once things is more up to date and we add things it should look better :-)

and thanks for the sexy John Cena, a must read

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1 hour ago, littleshogun said:

If I may suggest here the most obvious choices should be Fureraba along with Sanoba Witch, and other than that maybe Fata Morgana even though it's 2016 release. If you want some very obscure release, maybe My Girlfriend is a Mermaid. Well good luck on the work. 

i´ll add them to the list. 

im currently going thrue the list and checking for english patch/release and purchase links. takes awhile when its over 260 titles

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