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School life with a bit of exaggerating

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I wonder how i can explain this but i want a school life visual novel with abnormal rules,power,etc. Think something like Majikoi. I'm not into sci-fi though so robot and stuffs is out of the question. Good art and likable characters is a plus, but good main or true route is a must. i'm fine with anything as long as it has things i listed above. thanks for replying. big boobs is a plus too

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Majikoi is Majikoi.  There really isn't anybody who copies Minato Soft's style.

Assuming you want things that are over the top...

Appare! Tenka Gomen comes to mind


Kizuna Kirameku Koi Iroha (sort of a battle tournament school where people use magic weapons to fight one another in hopes of going pro)


(Above has 'main story' and 'charage' routes based on choices you make)

Tiny Dungeon series (probably the closest outside of Minato Soft games)

Kamikaze Explorer (no true route, but it has solid story for the heroine routes)

Yami to Hikari no Sanctuary (depending on your tastes, the atmosphere might be too dark, but it fits your basic requirements.  Protag is Momoyo-level brought down to earth, lol)

World Election

Primary Magical Trouble Scramble




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Sorcery Jokers comes to mind (it literally is a school for technological magic users). Even though the magic is technology based, it's not really strong on science fiction (some characters have actual powers too). Also the high school setting is just a part of it. Two of the girls does have big boobs :makina:

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Little busters comes to mind as something with similar comedy, enjoyable cast, and tone to Majikoi. Although I do find Majikoi funnier, little busters has more dramatic elements. 

Fureraba has a lot of zanny high jinks. There isn’t any supernatural magic or anything, but it is incredibly funny with a really likeable cast (Genki is one of the best comic reliefs ever)

Senren Banka is a pretty funny and interesting story about expelling a curse. Btw, I recommend Reina’s (blond big chest) route as the first you do, then go on to the others. The cast is pretty endearing and it has some interesting light drama pieces. However, it is pretty different in tone to the rest, feeling more like a zanny rural Japanese story.

Lastly, Nora to Oujo has a lot of comedy bits that remind me of Majikoi. It is probably the closest to Majikoi among these options in having constant quick comedy, supernatural elements (and even a robot coincidentally), a don’t give a crap main snarky character, and school life setting in all of its routes. Also all of the main heroines have really big boobs. Here is a clip to show what I mean:



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