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Job available for visual novel game studio

Joel Xpector

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Job vacancy available

hello, my name is Joel, i am from indonesian. i have a company named Visintech studio that is developing a visual novel game, the project has just begun, but in a few days, the active member are gone. so i am here to invite you all if you interested to join our studio for the visual novel game because we lacks of member now, all of them now gone so we need your help to developing this game. we have some slots to work at : :sachi:


1. audio, SFX, BGM. ( we really need these one because the slots is empty now ) :isla:




i will not take this site because its not my skill, you can manipulate sound, you can create or find a match sound for the game so that they can be use in the game. :mare:


2.  sprites, character, background ( we will work together if you join at this site, i work here ) :thumbsup:



this is my real sites, my basic job is here, at the ARTS, you will work with me if you join this site, we can work together at the draw of background, character, or special effect. i need you if you  can draw with me, because it's hard to work alone :vinty:


3. storyline ( optional, but we will work together to if you join this site because i work here ) :thumbsup:



you can work with me to if you join at this site, you will get the right to make a story that you like and you can make your own story in to company game as you like. :sacchan:

4. programing / enginer ( optional, but we still accept people who want to join ) i hate this site :OneTrueRen:


this is the site of programing, you will work with my friend, i dont know what can you do here because i cannot read the entire code that will make eyes explode, but i;m  sure you can find what you search here, my friend is a good person so he will be a good friend if you join this sites. :leecher:

that's all what the studio need for now, please contact me if you interested with that kind of job or you can email me at ( [email protected] ). for more information you can chat me or email me, you can also use another chat aplication to chat me like Steam, Twitter, Facebook, or ETC. we really need you all who interested with this job, please contact me or reply this content. there will have a simple test for the new member. that's all, i hope you are interested to help us, thank you for reading this and see you at the studio, see ya! :maple:


note: i don't really good at editing or typing, i'm sorry if there is to much mistake because i'm not good at it. i'm sorry. :notlikemiya:



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1 hour ago, Joel Xpector said:

storyline ( optional

I think quite a few EVNs I've read in the past few years shared this approach. ;p

Seriously though, I don't forsee you getting much response here. You should try recruiting on Lemma Soft Forums. That's a go to place for people interested in original EVN projects. 

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You’re looking for a dev?

*raises head*

I’m Happiness+, nice to meet you. 

I agree with @Plk_Lesiak, I am the resident dev around these parts. Maybe I am wrong on that.  However, Fuwa is more for the fandom associated with VNs. Not really creating VNs. You will have better luck on Lemma or the devtalk discord. https://discord.gg/KhxwFxb



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