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Fuwanovel Logo Contest 4

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The Logo contest that was supposed to be hold 4 times per year but died off after 3 times or so. now have a revival when we have as little users as possible :meguface: also that the logos havent been updated in 3-4 years.


The theme is.... Nothing. 

Make it whatever you want, a good way to maybe waste 2 minutes of your time :Kappa:/ maybe make it a meme

no loli,porn troll.

Rules (Please read):

  • you can submit as many as logo´s you want. You may change your logo at any time during the submission phase, just make sure to indicate which is your final version (in case you post more than once) so there's no mistakes. 
  • To submit an entry you must post the logo you made in this thread or send it to me via PM if you wish to be anonymous.
  • Entries should be around 354px by 90px and must include the title "Fuwanovel" font, styling and design are up to the artist. max 354x120
  • The logo should have a transparent background, it also must be visible when being used on the layout (black letters would likely not be visible without a colored stroke for example)
  • No porn, sexual acts, genitals, female nipples, or excessive female cleavage
  • If you wish to add (a) character(s) to the logo there is no restriction as far as whether that character comes from a VN/Anime/Manga/etc. or whether it's Male or Female. As long as you think it looks good and doesn't violate previous rules it can be submitted
  • We'll accept entries for roughly 14 days+ after this post goes up
  • Once 14 days pass we'll make a poll where users can vote on their favorite logos
  • There will be three winners per contest: The "official" winner will be the logo with the most votes, the second winner will be the runner-up in the poll, and the third winner will be chosen by a secret logo council run by mods
  • We encourage people to be creative and have fun making logos, but all logos -- even if they win the popular vote -- have to be approved by mods before they'll be displayed on the forums
  • We'll cycle through the logos periodically between contests (including the old stock banner and possibly previous contest winners)
  • Submitting a logo gives us the right to use it forever and ever however we feel like it 
  • You dont have to include "make visual novels popular in the west" if you dont want to. 

if you want to use the original logo as a base its here : IPtY2yq.png

or the version used in the Beta theme  here: lol.png.7ee6bf27cba7ce4f2e1d2d3ee4141736

but remember you can use any font/design you want.

Voting will begin on 19th july. even if we get 0 entries. :ren:

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16 hours ago, Plk_Lesiak said:



EDIT: Damn, format does not match... Does this work?



Sadly its also abit too big, and dont have a transperant background :wahaha:

2 hours ago, Fiddle said:

In honor of Freedom Day, I hereby submit the following:


Naturally, you may use this banner year-round, because honestly every day is Freedom Day when you're a citizen of the BEST DAMN COUNTRY IN THE WORLD.

MURICA heck yee

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5 minutes ago, Fiddle said:

@Emi Since there will probably be no more (valid) entries, am I allowed to submit two more logos to fill the remaining spots?

you can submit as many as you want, as the activity on here is minimal compared to before i removed the one entry per user rule. 

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