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[Code Used] Final Fantasy XIV Black Fat Chocobo mount code giveaway

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idk if any here actually plays FFXIV, but I just got a code for a black, fat chocobo mount that I don't need so I'm giving it away here. I'll just leave it in a spoiler tag in this thread and whoever gets to it first can use it. I only ask that A) you only take it if you plan to actually use it and B) say that you've used the code so I can edit the thread title appropriately.



Instructions from the email:

1.    Proceed to Mogstation.com
2.    Login to your Square Enix Account or create a new Square Enix Account and follow the instructions on screen
3.    After Selecting your service account for which you would like to redeem your item code for, select Enter Item Code
4.    Follow the on-screen instructions to enter your Black Fat Chocobo mount item code
5.    Select the character to whom the item should be delivered
For any questions regarding code redemption please visit the Square Enix Support Center at http://support.na.square-enix.com.

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1 hour ago, ShinRaikdou said:

Nah, no problem. I just don't like the fact that someone grab it without even thankining you. If it was in pm then okay.

Nope, no PMs here. Not a big deal to me but I did want be able to edit the thread so no one would be disappointed with a dead code like you were.

I just hope it didn’t get sucked up by a bot or anything.

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