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AX 2019 Schedule and Announcements


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Seeing that Otakon is almost close and this year is surprisingly very early, let's see on how I'll sort my interest for this tear AX below.

Very Good

I know it's very surprising that I managed to got interested with the nukige here, but it's what happened here. Especially because Mugen Renkan here did have female MC (I know it's going to be a twisted VN here). Yamizome did have some gameplay, and more importantly the MC here did remind me of Himegari (The setting that resembled some modern fantasy light novel is also help here). I already interested with both of GOLD and Witch's Garden even back when both of those being fan translated, and more Purple Software VN is always good seeing that the graphic is quite nice.


I just realized that both of Nine and Index MCs did share the same seiyuu (Atsuhi Abe), so Index fans should be feeling nostalgic when they hear Kakeru's (Nine's MC) voice (By the way the art is still good thanks to Tsubasu). By the way Nine 3 here already set the grand finale at the next volume, so at least it already resolved some of the plot points. Sakura Celebration here is definitely not Winged Cloud VN, and that the plot twist itself is quite interesting. About HHG, I have some doubt on the ending but setting wise it should be the most interesting one among Windmill announcements. Now that I look at Koiama 2 some more, the atmosphere did remind me of Gochiusa so it should be good for relaxing VN. For Robotic Notes here, obviously it should be very interesting for Science ADV fans and moreso if you've been Steins Gate fans.


Apparently Funbag did have some good story, so perhaps Sideboob 2 could be interesting if you can get the past of the (Very) big boobs. Visually wise, Bokukotsu is quite exciting and so does Seiiki 1 so both of those might be interesting from the graphic alone (By the way Seiiki here is like Loca Love). I still have no idea on why there's no trap MC when the premise is clearly stated that the little sister called the MC as big sister instead of big brother, but at least it's good moege. I also have no idea on why Alicesoft did release new script for 02 separately instead of combining it with the game so much that the fan did not translated the newer script, but I understand that both of those are redundant story wise (At least the graphic and the gameplay change should probably make it less redundant).

Take Your Time (ie Not Looking Forward to It)

Well at least the slime girl is looking cute, although as usual I wouldn't care much about otome though (If you interested with it then it's okay). As for Tetsuzo VNs, his action aside I already think that I wouldn't take the interest to his VNs ever since the c, and I think it wouldn't be changed here. I don't know what to expect from Horny Housewife here other than it's Laplacian new nukige although maybe there's more than that, but for now I don't quite interested with it.

As for the rest, my feeling towards NG is more or less neutral although I don't have console though so I wouldn't be able to play it for the obvious reasons. I guess that's all for my interest at AX announcements, and keep in mind that you may not agree with my interest here because after all everyone has their own taste.

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