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Romcom/SoL anime with actual romance?

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So, lately I've noticed that few things give me as much joy as romance anime that take the romance part seriously - and by seriously I don't mean drama-filled, but quickly establishing the main girl, consistently developing the relationship between her and the protagonist (genders can be reversed), and concluding everything in a proper manner (the characters are clearly a couple by the end of it). This is something that majorly boosted my enjoyment of shows such as Bunnygirl Senpai, Yamada-san and the Seven Witches or even the initial arc of SAO. So, I kind of wanted to gather recommendations for shows that actually deliver in this department. Preferably in a lighthearted manner, but the anxiety-inducing drama is also acceptable if the payoff is worth it. Things I haven't seen yet, but probably fit my criteria are for example (correct me if I got any of those wrong):

 You can find the general overview of what I saw and the shit taste I have in my MAL. Please, throw your vast knowledge at me senpais! :mare:

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This is actually woefully out of date, but has some things in it. Besides that, I'd add at least this one, perhaps more later.


Edit: Also, you may have noticed I moved your thread to the recommendation forum.

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Oh I know exactly what you want, because it's the same I want in my romance :leecher: Unfortunately, and for some weird reason, it proves to be quite difficult to find an anime with a relationship that resembles an actual relationship. 

Well, let me try giving a couple of suggestions. For a light-hearted fantasy anime, I'm quite fond of Rakudai Kishi no Cavalry. The main couple introduction is kinda meh, I'll admit, but I'm a fan of the development and how it handles the tropes you might expect in this kind of series.

For more drama oriented stuff, I wholeheartedly recommend SukaSuka (shuumatsu nani shitemasu ka? isogashii desu ka? sukutte moratte ii desu ka?). The characters don't mess around. They know what they want, they want to be happy and will do everything in their hands to achieve that goal. Unfortunately it's a tragedy, so bring kleenex. If you read the LN and then watch the anime you are not safe, I warn you. A heart can only bear that much.

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Huh, I find it a bit strange you have Golden Time on your list, but not Toradora. That was done by the same author, and to put it frankly, it was vastly superior in every aspect.

The anime does make it clear who the main girl is, and it does develop the relationship consistently (though it starts off in a roundabout way). The drama is there, but I'd like to think it was fairly organic and well-written. It serves a clear purpose in developing the characters, and it does invoke a genuine feeling of sympathy because the characters are so easy to grow attached to. And, most importantly, the romance is both conclusive and satisfying.

On the other hand, I think Golden Time rushes into the main pairing's relationship way too quickly. Instead of making romance the endgame, Golden Time brings it to the forefront of the story, essentially removing all of the anticipation that normally comes with the genre. You'd think it was a novel concept that could go somewhere interesting, but, unfortunately, the anime does not handle it gracefully. It tries to pull this off by implementing copious amounts of frustrating drama and ill-conceived pseudo-psychology (specifically pertaining to Banri's condition) in an attempt to maintain the audience's interests. The only way I was able to tolerate that anime was Kouko. Even though the author might've taken a number of missteps with the romance, she can still pull off a damn good heroine! It's not something I'd heartily recommend to romance enthusiasts, especially if they haven't watched Toradora.

That said, I do kinda feel for the author, because it would be a serious challenge to create a suitable follow-up for something as successful as Toradora (it was a big deal around the time it was published).

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On 23.06.2019 at 11:33 PM, Plk_Lesiak said:

and by seriously I don't mean drama-filled, but quickly establishing the main girl

You Lie in April

I don't think it's what you looking for. It's a nice anime, but a bit overdramatic... Same goes for Plastic Memories.

In fact, you ask too much. Anime rarely has any endings with "concluding everything in a proper manner (the characters are clearly a couple by the end of it)", and here you are, asking about early relationship establishing. :makina:

Try Ore Monogatari!! for early pairing. Amagami also the best of this kind with multiply endings for each heroine (and second season about being in relationship with them).

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