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Banter and bickering

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Little Busters has that group of best friends thing going for them. And the Battle Rankings minigame in the common route literally has the cast compete against each other with random household items!

Clannad has the protag be a dick to his best friend (actually, the whole cast is bad towards said best friend). Also, any banter involving Kyou or Fuuko is bound to be funny.

Grisia's entire female cast are VERY prone to bantering about tons of topics (almost all topics go in a sexual direction very quickly too). Not to mention, Grisia's protag has hilarious lines and inner monologues. 10/10 humor in that VN....

The whole point of Sakura Sakura is it's two comedic love triangles. It has as much comedic bantering and bickering as you'd expect. The banter between the two protags is great too!

The Muv-Luv trilogy has quite a lot of banter (especially Extra's Common Route, which has a harem competing for the protag).

Princess Evangile has two heroines (the childhood friend, and the main heroine), go at it sometimes. And almost every girl is prone to getting jealous at some point. It's hilarious!

Nekopara series ...... has actual catfights (pipsqueak Azuki is in all of them).

Island ..... has it's protag banter with pretty much everyone. Some of the best banter I've ever heard.

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Hmmm good banter is my fucking jam

I'd say the banter in G Senjou and Sharin No Kuni is the stuff of legend


Campus Notes - Forget Me Not has some really fabulous banter as well

All the Key games that I've played have some pretty good banter between the characters Clannad and Rewrite being the best for it.



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