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Recommend a 4:3 vn.

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I read Eden* a little while back and while I enjoyed it I couldn't help but feel like I would have enjoyed it more on an ancient computer.  While I unfortunately have not gotten the old tower from my youth running again, I will soon have a new 4:3 monitor compatible with my modern pc.  I'm looking for any good vns in that aspect ratio that have some feature(s) that will remind me of the days I was but a small Shuckle learning to use a pc in the late 90s and early 2000s. (Recommendations don't necessarily have to be from that time period as long as they are reminiscent of it.)

Examples of such features from Eden*: right clicking opened a generic dropdown menu rather than a menu screen, most (if not all) screen transitions were a short fade, the opening video is drastically more animated than the rest of the novel.

Shorter vns are preferred.  Translated vns are preferred.  Huge bonus if the novel prominently features futuristic technology that real life technology has long since surpassed.

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