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Make Your Own Visual Novel Tier List (150 to choose from, includes Japanese Only VNs)

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There's lots of games not on there that I'd love to add, but I guess there's enough games I've played to make a short list. (Please, at least add ChuSinGura! :pyaa: ) Oh, and I chose not to add any fandisks, as the rating for the original game should be enough, tbh.

Guess I'll just trigger people with my "have not read" list though, haha.

The way I see the ratings:

S: Perfect/ Near perfect

A: Really great games, among my favorites

B: Good and memorable games

C: Good games

D: Nothing amazing, but not bad. Stuff I'll play if I'm in the right mood. Giggity

Have not read: A list of bad games :makina:


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My list is unreadable because of all those 'have not played', but I included in the tiers all of those I've tried, even if I didn't finish them. My ranks go as follows:

S - Would gladly replay anytime every time or is just very very memorable.

A - Good games I greatly enjoyed. Can replay if in the right mood.

B - Games I enjoyed throughout. Would likely not replay.

C - Games I am conflicted about. Would not or cannot replay.

D - Was not enjoying too much and likely dropped them.




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S rank for me means it goes beyond what we come to expect from vns while still being engaging. 

A is great but doesnt quite make it to S for some various reason. For instance clannad, air, and kanon simply because they havent aged well as far as quality with art and the hassle to progress in them.

B are for the ones that dont do anything really special but they are interesting if you wanna read something a bit more casual.

C are for ones where quality begins to dip a bit but you could do worse than read some of these.

D is for ones that you dont really need to read at all. Dont discourage but just take the ranking as is.

I dont have anything in my trash category really since i dont read anything that has tags or a synopsis that im not interested in. nothing on the list made me feel complete misery while reading it so i just left it blank.

The things I have not read i only kept vns that I plan to read since i felt this category was a bit redundant without it.




Also, aside from their ranks these vns arent in any kind of order, they just share the same rank as the other vns and thats all. 

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