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Vicon Dictionary Download Link in VNR Dead

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Hello everyone,


I've recently installed the Visual Novel Reader and am in the process of installing the dictionaries.

I got the MeCab Unidic for parsing and the EDICT for phrases just fine, but the Vicon installation doesn't seem to work.

I looked into the getlingoes.py script and went to the address that the script drew the archive from, and the original website (http://www.lingoes.net/en/dictionary/dict_down.php?id=4535B54974B7CB4B9F5AC8B61D1D6E8A) has no working download links.

Does anyone have the files on hand that they could upload to here / send to me?

I would also need the folder name that it came from so that I can create the corresponding folder manually in the Caches/Dictionaries folder.

It would be greatly appreciated!


Thank you for your time,



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