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FD that is better than the original game


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We all know FD are for those who like the characters, but is there any FD that is better than the original?

Sharin no Kuni's FD is better than most, but still nowhere close to its original.

One candidate I can think of is Hoshizora e Kakaru Hashi AA, but the original is not that great to begin with.

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10 hours ago, NowItsAngeTime said:

Pretty much the only one that might make it is Rewrite Harvest Festa but only because it gave Kotori the route ending she deserved as well as some feel good diabetes

So you're saying Rewrite is a better vn without its sci-fi plot and with more focus on icha icha? 

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The only case that i've experienced so far was Hatoful Boyfriend Holiday Star but i don't like the original or the fandisc, i just happen to dislike the fandisc less.

Edit: Now that i think about it, if MajiKoi A is considered a fandisc for MajiKoi S, then i'm adding that because i like A better than S, but i like the original better than both.

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