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Secret History or Alternate History recommendation.


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I asked because VNDB does not have secret history tags and alternate history tag was deleted. Secret history is not to be confused with alternate history.

1. Secret History : Actual event of history was distorted to the public like Assassin Creed.
2. Alternate history : Historical events changed in history create different outcome like Wolfenstein. I heard Muv-Luv series includes alternate history.

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History as a genre is not very popular among VNs, let alone alternate/"secret" history. There are a fair number of games taking place in medieval Japan or a fantasy stand-in, though. Utawarerumono and Sengoku Rance are the two most popular english-translated ones. Utawarerumono is Sengoku-flavored fantasy, and Sengoku Rance has all the historical figures, except they're girls now. There's also Koihime Musou, which is a similar treatment for the Three Kingdoms-era China. I guess there's also ChuSinGura, but I honestly don't know anything about that other than it has a pretty meh translation.

Moving outside of China, there's the liarsoft "What a beautiful" series, which supposes that Earth went full steampunk in the 19th century. Shikkoku no Sharnoth takes place in Victorian London featuring a lot of prominent historical and fictional figures from the era. There's also Ourai no Gahkthun ("Gahkthun of the Golden Lightning"), which takes place in an early 20th century international university city off the coast of France, starring Nikola Tesla. Sona-Nyl is the next game in the series being translated, and it takes place in early 20th century New York, a city in the setting that has been devastated by disasters and abandoned. There's also Sekien no Inganock, but that doesn't take place in any real-world setting (it's a mystical land disconnected from the known world).

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Alternate History

Kikan Bakumatsu Ibun Last Cavalier


Sengoku Koihime

Secret History

Zero Infinity

Bradyon Veda (futuristic based on a completely different set of historic events)

2 hours ago, Decay said:

Utawarerumono is Sengoku-flavored fantasy


Utawarerumono is a future scenario.  It is also based on a fusion of Ainu and Wajin (Wajin being Japanese as we know them, whereas the Ainu are the indigenous people of Hokkaido and northern Honshuu that were forcibly assimilated over the last century and a half) cultural elements, rather than being purely Japanese.  The religious elements in particular draw on the Ainu's animistic rituals, and many of the social positions (ouro being the most obvious) are Ainu terms. 

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Here are two of the most underrated VN that may never be translated, one is world war 3-like mecha sci fi and another is Ukiyo-e art style sword battle set in approximately Edo period.


Kajiri Kamui Kagura

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