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any good kinetic novels with English translation or release?

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I've read quite a few long, multiple route VNs, but my ADHD makes it incredibly difficult to stay focused on them. Could someone recommend some Kinetic novels, or visual novels with only one ending? I think it will be good to have some more linear stories to read in between ginormous multi-route stories.

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7 hours ago, alpacaman said:

This is the one to read inbetween two longer titles, as it takes only about 120 hours to finish.

nah, not that long, but yeah, it takes some time to finish, but it's totally worth it. I'll be soon reading it for the third time

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If what you really mean is 'short VN', I'll recommend Saya no Uta.  It's not technically a kinetic novel, but it's got like 2 choices and it's not a long game at all.

Also can't believe nobody's mentioned Nekopara or Neko-nin yet.  Sure, they're not the greatest, but a short mix-it-up game in between longer games doesn't have to be.

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On 5/1/2019 at 8:50 AM, Koioniaku said:

with Kikokugai, should I read the 18 + or 15 +? I know the 15+ has extra content.

The remake features high quality artwork in higher resolution, lots of effects and animations, and full voice-acting. The H-scenes are intact, the CGs were only slightly censored. It's also the same translation, made by THE Makoto, with very slight changes. In conclusion, you should play the remake (15+ version).

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  • The Karakara games are short and kinetic, and they have wonderful translations. Volume 1 is a pretty simple, pleasant read. Volume 2 ends on a cliffhanger, though... hopefully volume 3 will be out before too long.
  • The World End Economica series. Each volume is medium-short length and kinetic, as well as self-contained. Mercifully, this one is now entirely released. The translation is... sometimes not as great, for this series, but pretty much anybody who isn't picky like me should be fine with it. It's from the Spice and Wolf guy, so expect a whole lot of economics talk, though. Kind of a niche game, I suppose, but I enjoyed the ride.
  • The Grisaia: Phantom Trigger series (no, you absolutely do not need to have read any of the original Grisaia trilogy first); each volume is short and kinetic, and also self-contained. Also have very solid translations. It's nearly done now, probably? At least as far as I've read (through 5.5), you never feel like you're ending a volume on a cliffhanger, so you don't need to feel obligated to read them in a row or anything.


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Planetarian . Fairly short, and quite memorable....

*Eden . Top notch visuals and music. Interesting setting too...

ef- a fairy tale of the two . Kinetic'ish (only a few choices, and one route). Comes in two parts. Has some powerful themes.

Sorcery Jokers . Kinect'ish (no branching paths, you get to choose which character to view events from, you'll be viewing all events to progress anyways). Quite a lot of action in this urban fantasy.

* Nekopara series. If you want something absurdly silly, cute ...... and lewd :makina:

Idol Magical Girl Chiru Chiru Michiru . A kinetic, Magic girl spinoff of the Grisaia series :michiru:

Voices from the Sea . Fairly short. You might like it....

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