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Visual Novel with best BGM

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Umineko (insane soundtrack, has like 180 songs), G-senjou no maou (can't go wrong with modernized classical music), Everlasting summer (has some neat rock music and also stuff that has kinda magical feel to it), Steins;gate+Steins;gate 0 (epic main theme and also other ones that set just the right atmosphere)

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Grisaia trilogy has pretty good emotional and chill music at times.

While Clannad's soundtrack might overall be average, the songs that do stand out ....... REALLY stand out! In particular, Shining in the Sky brought out the waterworks almost everytime it played in game (Roaring Tides was almost as powerful too).

Little Busters ...... easily has one of the best OSTs all around.

Minori VN's like Eden* and ef - a fairy tale of the two, tend to have really chill soundtracks.

The music in the Muv-Luv Triogy is quite nostalgic, and fits the story like a glove imo. Whether that be reminiscing in the park with your childhood friend, or fighting a very desperate war...

Kira*Kira has a unique soundtrack with instrumental rock and roll. And yet it still manages to have some solid emotional music too (cause the VN gets seriously emotional at times).

Symphonic Rain also has a unique soundtrack (which fits it's rather melancholic setting).

For pure Comedic Slice of Life VNs, Fureraba, Wagamama High and If My Heart Had Wings have pretty good soundtracks.

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30 minutes ago, Nandemonai said:

Oldie, but a goodie: Nocturnal Illusion still has one of the best soundtracks, period.

Agreed. There was something magical about this relatively simple soundtrack. Fits the atmosphere perfectly.

While we're at oldies - YU-NO's music is awesome too.

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38 minutes ago, Mago Ivo said:

work great as wake up alarms for me

I would recommend against that. Maybe this isn't an issue for most people, but using one of my favorite songs as an alarm actually ruined that song for me to the point where I'm no longer able to enjoy listening to it. I'm not sure why, but it might be because I unconsciously started associating it with something bad (being forced to wake up).

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Whether BGM is good or not is a subjective matter, so I wouldn't sure if my recommendations here would be true or not. But if I need to picked four VNs, then I would say that Hoshiori, Daitoshokan, Sanoba Witch, and Sorcery Jokers would be good pick. If you want more, I guess there's Chrono ClockEvenicle, and Rose Guns Days. I hope my recommendations here can answer what you want to see, even though it's a belated one.

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