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Eroge with a dominant heroine?

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I'm getting kinda tired of every heroine being submissive and shy in bed while MC becomes quite sadistic out of nowhere even though most of the time it doesn't even fit his personality.
I'd like to see an heroine teasing the guy in the H-scenes for once.

I've read Tsujidou-san no Jun'ai Road and there some H-scenes like that.

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Some examples I can think of:

* Ageha in a couple scenes in the original Konosora/If My Heart Had Wings
* Tsubame in the route where she takes the lead in S... kinda
* Riho in Koisuru Natsu no Last Resort in a scene or 2
* Riho in Deardrops in the first scene
* Kotori Love Ex P though it's mostly the cheating route with Ayumi
* Newton and the Apple Tree  one scene with Haru
* ONe of the scenes with Tanomura and Hibari for maybe half the scene in Swan Song

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Kamio Ami is the permanently dominant personality in the room regardless of what else is going on.  The name of the VN is Semiramis no Tenbin...

Even in the first h-scene, Ami is controlling the protagonist, and he does pretty much what she wants, regardless of whether he realizes it or not...   Of course, if you don't like manipulative heroines who control others and situations through sheer intellect, charisma, and force of will, she might be hard to stomach, lol.

Edit: Oh, as a side note... sexually dominant heroines are a rarity in most eroge because of the preconception of gap-moe...  basically, strong-willed tsunderes being do-M in bed or cool-faced girls ending up with an ahegao...

Another girl I'd like to call to your attention is Kanata from Devils Devel Concept... regardless of the path, she is usually in control to one degree or another, regardless of the form the h-scene takes.  However, in path 2, she is totally dominant.

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