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VN recommendations for a newbie

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I have recently started getting into VN and have hard time finding more stuff I like, do you have any titles that are like (in art style), Chronoclock, all nekopara's and Koi ga Saku Koro Sakura Doki (I wanted to do if my heart had wings but I heard horrible stuff about translation and extreme censorship, I like my H scenes), I hope you have any recommendations for me.

thank you in advance,

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As for Konosora, there's a retranslation patch from the fans and of course it's available with uncensored H scenes, so you can apply the restoration patch to your Konosora there. As for the same art with Chrono Clock, I would say that Hapymaher is the best choice seeing that it's from the same company (Purple Software). For more recommendations, you can visit all four of my blogposts below although I also did write both of Saku Saku and Chrono Clock recommendations though. Lastly welcome to Fuwanovel and I hope you'll have fun here.

PS - As promised, here's the link to my blogposts below.

2015 Translated VNs

2016 Translated VNs

2017 Translated VNs

2018 Translated VNs

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If My Heart Had Wings has had a restoration patch for a while (and I havn't even played the new restoration patch which is better). I highly recommend that VN (it was my second VN).


Other VNs with cute girls and H scenes....

Fureraba . Quite a lot of comedy. The fandisk has also been released recently...

Wagamama High Spec . The art is high quality.

Princess Evangile . Art is a bit dated, and VN has some drama. Still recommended though. This also has a fandisk that lets you romance all the other girls.

Dal Segno .


Other VNs with H scenes, as well as drama and emotional feels....

Grisaia no Kajitsu . My first VN ever (and still my favorite). Loaded with comedy (at least in the common route), and tons of sexual jokes and fanservice. Character routes get ..... pretty dark at times though...

ef - a fairytale of the two . Has some really good animations. Some of it's themes hit like a speeding train though....

Sorcery Jokers . Quite a lot of action and intrigue.


VNs I havn't read yet, but you may like.......

Hello, good-bye .

If you love me, then say so! .

Lamunation . Almost released. This is supposed to have a ton of memes.

Aokana . Releases later this year. Supposed to have a lot of action.

The Ditzy Demons are in love with me! . Looks like a lot of lewd action.

Onii-chan, Where's My Kiss? . Release date unknown. Apparently has an unlockable harem end with 4 little sisters :makina:

Sanoba Witch . Probably right up your street.

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G Senjou No Maou : It's an amazing VN, the story is sooo good, there are so many plot twists, and the characters are all well written imo.

Fureraba : Classic SoL but a really sweet story.

9 -Nine- : A VN mixing romance, superpowers and mystery. The art style is really cute too.

Grisaia No Kajitsu : If you don't mind long common routes, Grisaia has an amazing story, the routes of the heroines are all extremely good as are the characters themselves.

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