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Looking for Untranslated Utsuge

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I'm looking for notable utsuge.

I'm kinda new to the genre and to untranslated visual novels, so I would like to know what are the best games. (Nakige and Kamige in general are fine too.)

I'll be adding these to my "to read list" so don't worry about the language level. (Altough I would be happy if you can point out if some title in particular is very difficult to read even for people used to read in japanese, just for me to take note of that.)

My wishlist in VNDB is a mess and I don't remember many of titles that I have added there, so please disconsider that as I'm trying to be more organized this time. :notlikemiya:

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Hi it's Zaka with the dank doujinge recs
These may not be 'notable' but I enjoyed them

Arguably Shimaisou https://vndb.org/v16958 


Definitely Watashi wa Kyou Koko de Shinimasu https://vndb.org/v21768

These recs are both fairly short at ~2 to 3k lines; Shinimasu is good for a beginner and not too hard to read, Shimaisou is... uhh, a bit harder. Wata死 especially respects your time by having very little filler.

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Susoi Ginka no Istoria
Konota Yori Kanata Made

Sakura Mori Dreamers (people dont't call this an utsuge, but man is the mood gloomy. There's no comedy in it.)

I haven't read, but well known:

Kana Imouto
Boku ga Tenshi ni Natta Wake


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Like Clephas here I would seconded Inochi no Spare, and other than that I guess Muramasa could count. You can also try Summer Pocket for KEY nostalgia, Hello World for more Nitroplus, and Bokuten for depressive MC (Even though Mangagamerwill release this in near future). I hope my recommendations here would be helpful to you.

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