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What it's like to have anime film adaptation of visual novel.

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In practice, it has proven to be better to release VN adaptations as full TV or OVA series rather than as movies, simply because most of the content is lost when you release as a movie.  There just isn't enough time.  Fate/Zero and FSN Unlimited Bladeworks had awesome adaptations, but most people will jokingly say 'there is no Tsukihime anime', and many other adaptations, whether movie or full series, tended to hit a sour spot with fans.  It takes a truly awesome studio to produce a decent adaptation, and as far as I know, only ufotable does it right on a regular basis.

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Generally speaking, I tend to lean on the tolerant side when it comes to anime or movie adaptions of visual novels. Their length and branching nature makes it a difficult task for a film adaption. Also, bishoujo game companies as a rule don't have as much money as let's say big manga publishers like Kadokawa or Kodansha. Combined with the erotic/violent/taboo subject matter, visual novels have a much smaller chance of getting an adaption as a manga or a light novel. Or at least that's how I understand the state of affairs of the eroge industry in Japan 2022. That we get a screened adaption of a VN at all is already something remarkable.

When it comes to the film adaption of Planetarian (Hoshi no Hito), I have one or two little issues with it, such as the character design, which I felt could've been done better. But otherwise I'm quite satisfied with it. The movie recapitulates the occurences in the VN and carries the story a little bit further. I think the VN ending is already good as it is, but the movie doesn't really take away from the message of Planetarian, and in fact underlines one of its central themes of living on with faith despite insurmountable difficulties. The audience in the small alternative cinema I watched the movie in was more than half non-anime fans, and they received it quite well, with an excited applause at the end. So I think the movie did a good job at getting its message across.

You'll have to watch the anime film adaption of Tsui no Sora to actually see how bad an adaption could be. But even that one probably counts as "so bad it's good" w

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