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MIYU: The Night The World Changed [BxG] [SoL] [Romance] [Sci-Fi] [Drama] [Tragedy]

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Produced by MIYU Studio, MIYU is an upcoming commercial episodic kinetic visual novel about depression, mental health awareness, time, space, life and love.

One fateful night you’re walking along the beach a few days before your vacation finishes and you see a girl standing by herself. Not wanting to leave her alone you decide to interact with her. For this one simple action it catches the attention of Yahdeus the God Of Gods, it leads to a domino effect that changes your life forever and also the world. 

An episodic story that expands beyond multiple time and dimension where you must uncover the secrets of the universe and potentially discover a secret that has been kept away from humanity since the beginning of time. 


Takeru: A shy but smart young adult who just finished college and has decided to take a break before setting off and finally starting his career as a Counselor. He's known for being shy and curious with knowing everything that there is to life. However, even his close friend Tomoya finds him distant at times. He loves to play games and read manga during his free time. Unbeknownst to everyone, Takeru suffers from depression and anxiety due to his traumatic childhood. 

Miyu: She’s a very sweet girl who wants to do her best in the world and leave her mark on it. However, she’s been raised by an abusive father and mother who constantly verbally abuse her for having mental development issues. There’s also this sense of mystery surrounding her life. Sometimes she hears voices in her head talking to her but the only word she hears is “Yahdeus”. She’s never figured out what it means but has decided to not tell anyone about it. Her hobbies consist of painting, bird watching and playing video games.


Kinectic Episodic Novel, 5 hours long






* Please check back around 3/31/2019 for the next update!


Demo, Kickstarter, Website Episode 2, Patreon for future projects


MIYU is an episodic kinectic visual novel that will be broken up to 5 parts.

The writing for part 1 is around 60% done.
It needs a significant amount of editing and proofreading,
but I’m hoping this story should be released in late July/August.

The character art that is currently displayed is a place holder until future notice when I am able to swap them out for the final character art.

The story will be commercial and should cost around $6.99

For more updates please check this post weekly for weekly updates. 

I am hoping to have a demo done in a month.

Tell me what you think about what is shown so far.

We will soon have a website completed for the project.

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8 hours ago, Akshay said:

Looks interesting. The art seems good, but we cant really comment on the summary alone.

thank you very much for your feedback. I will be adding more to the summary in the next update!

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6 hours ago, McDerpingheimer III said:

Art looks nice, writing needs work

as a corollary you should have quality of writing both in your story and in your description/marketing/etc

thank you for your feedback! Currently I am doing this project as a way to improve my writing. I hope it gets better!

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*Update 3/31/2019*

Hey, guys, we have some positive news regarding progress on the project.

Story Progression News: has moved forward with a total of 20 minutes of gameplay so far. The goal for this project is 5 hours. So we do have some to go but things will be picking up this after this update. The goal by the next update is to have at least 1 hour of gameplay.

Demo News: We are still working on a demo however there will be no progression on the demo until next week since our goal is to get 1 hour of gameplay. Once that is done then expect a demo within 2 weeks.

Website News: Website is being worked on as we speak with it hopefully going live within next month.

Art News: No new update on it and there won’t be until we get some funds for it which will take a while until that is done.

That’s it for this weeks update! Come back again next Sunday on April 7th for next weeks update and screenshots!

Edited by Deusre
did a mistake.

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