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Mayjasmine Episode 01 - What is God?


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Mayjasmine - What is God?

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He Yu-Cheng received his friend Wan Zi-Jin's invitation, and set on to leave the familiar Taiwan to start a new life with Wan's daughter Wan Yu-Qing in Indonesia, where he starts working as an accountant. He meets many interesting people and through their interactions, their lives are shaped.

Wan Yu-Qing questions where her home truly is and her self identity.
Miao Pin-Hong, a soon-to-be mother and a Chinese teacher, tries to share her love with the future generation.
Cocoa, a little girl from the local Indonesian family, has a world peace as her fondest wish.

However, the world is not a peaceful place.

[Edited from 

MayJasmine is taking place during Indonesia's 1998 riot, where the riots were triggered by economic problems, leading to violence towards ethnic Chinese, resulting in a lot of deaths, both Indonesian and Chinese. These riots led to the resignation of the second president Suharto and the independence of East Timor.

Ending Guide

The first 4 choices don't really matter, as the only thing they do is change some lines. That said, you can choose whatever you like and compare the different lines.

Bad End 1:


【Save 1】

Who would call me at this time?


Bad End 2:


I'm off duty now. Just leave it.

【Save 2】

No! I gotta fight by his side!


Bad End 3:


Leave this to Liu!

【Save 3】

Just do it then!


Bad End 4:


Keep slamming his hand with the door

【Save 4】



True Ending:



Extra Scenes

After completing it, you'll notice that 1) the main menu has changed and 2) there are still CGs missing, if you go to the gallery. To get all the CGs you gotta play it again, this time from Yu-Qing's perspective.



This walkthrough was made by me.
If there's something wrong let me know ASAP via PM!

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