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Fantasy or Mystery VNs

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So, a few days ago my W10 killed my pc and I lost everything I had on it, including my collection of VNs and save files of those I completed. I thought that maybe I should take this as a clean start so I came here.

Basically, I am getting close my 100 VN mark so I want to fill the spots. I have decided to make Subahibi number 100. Now all I need is 6 more. What I want is ether fantasy or mystery VNs with good plot and as little h-content as possible. Preferably something with true route/ending as well. 


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Nanairo and akeiro, are both pretty good and has some mystery elements to it. It might have a bit too much h-scenes tho.

Natsukumo Yururu - lolige with h-scenes but one with the best actually story with denpa/mystery elements in it. (this one is my absolute favorite VN of all time)

They all have a true ending.

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Man, your VNDB list makes it pretty difficult to come up with something you didn't play yet. :unsure:

I definitely back Ranzo's suggestion of Fatal Twelve since it's a very good VN.

Besides that, I'd throw in Caucasus since you seem to be okay with Innocent Grey and untranslated stuff. It has some issues with the detective gameplay parts, but story-wise it's good.

ChuSinGura 46+1 is also a VN I'd suggest to read. It has some cool fighting action and story developments.

I'd also mention Soul Link since I think it's underrated on VNDB. It does have its issues, especially with the second protagonist in the latter half, but I played way worse story VN's which were much higher rated.

It might also be worth to check out One Day in London, since it seems to be complete now. The scenario and art is pretty cool, but when I tried it years ago, only the first chapter was out and it lacked some very basic features like auto-read and was a bit puzzle game heavy. I also need someone to try it out to tell me if it's good or not.

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Zero escape trilogy and Remember 11, Never7 might be enjoyable (Seeing as you've rated Ever17 highly, these are Multiple route mysteries by the same author, that being said the Zero escape trilogy has game elements in the form of puzzles)

I will second Enigma, it is wonderful. Though the mystery itself matters less and its more about the development of characters itself. 

As you liked Fate/Stay Night, try Ayakshibito  (Also urban fantasy). I/O is also enjoyable though it is probably closer to sci-fi than urban fantasy.

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