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VNs with war/conquest world or country control

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Im looking for a VNs where the protagonist control his country or invade/conquest other zones/countrys. Like a war or conquest. (already played Eiyuu Senki and rance)

Country or world. Or control groups/company/corp who attack others. Like code geass in terms of control/war. Scenes like this (code geass spoilers)



Apreciatte H-content if possible. 

Also if you can recommend other VN with a RPG content like evenicle or alchemy meister ill appreciatte it.
Thanks ^^

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8 minutes ago, Plk_Lesiak said:

It's still a good few months before it comes out, but you should keep an eye out for Venus Blood -Frontier-, it's going to have both conquest and h-content in spades. 

Yeah i know about it, gonna try when launch thx


2 minutes ago, littleshogun said:

If you can read Japanese, maybe you can try Madou Koukaku. If not then you can try Daibanchou and Mamatoto. I hope that my recommendations here would be helpful to you.

The first one is really cool, ill test it with VNR and see if i can enjoy the experience. About the others 2, seems really cool too, ill try all of them thx!!


So now i have some really good choices to play, thx guys i love u ^^

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8 hours ago, Clephas said:

RPG: Ikusa Megami Zero, Ikusa Megami Verita

Strategy: Venus Blood Hypno, Venus Blood Lagoon

thx!!! the RPG ones seems really cool! and the strategy ones, i will try them with VNR, sad for me they have not translation :(

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