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What will you do if you become your waifu?

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I'd live the plush life of the heiress of one of the largest corporations in the galaxy and fly around on my angel wing. 

I'd probably have to cut down on the candy consumption though...and the whole telepathy thing would take getting used to.

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I hope I wouldn't start off like the Highschool Possession protagonist, masturbating furiously in the new body...

Spend an hour appreciating my new, cute lesbian self in the mirror and then hit on my cute girlfriend, if she's around...? That sounds about right. I'm a person that appreciates the small things in life.

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Kamio Ami version: I'd seduce the nearest rich guy, marry him, then take him for all he's worth after tricking him into breaking the pre-nup by having an affair with the secretary I hired for him.


Belche version:  I'd enjoy being a vampire by drinking and smoking as much as I felt like.

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Heh, she's even MORE Autistic then I am (I'm a rather mild case though).

She also has chronic bad luck, and even more self loathing than I am.

Not to mention, she ....... kinda has a split personality too..... :michiru:


........ I'd be screwed probably. Unless I can get some very good friends.

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