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Time for my first ever Bloodborne stream

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Decicided to get back into Bloodborne, since the Return to Yharnam community event is going on, and because I never finished it >.<  I'll be streaming from 2pm PDT (9pm UTC) and I'll probably end around 4-5pm PDT, depending on if my dog will let me walk him later rather than sooner.  If anyone wants to see me stream more, I might do more sessions.

My Twitch channel

I might not be able to chat all that much, since the closest computer's in an odd position to view the TV at, but I'll try to check the chat feed as often as possible.  I have a headset, and will have my mic on.  Adult language will be used, since it's a Soulsborne game, so keep the kiddos out of the room, if you have any.

PLEASE, no spoilers!  I haven't gotten much farther than Father G, so please don't mention events or content that happen afterwards.  Hints and recommendations for stats and items are fine.  Hints for general areas to head towards are fine, but please don't give me explicit routes, or warn me about enemies.

EDIT: Done streaming for now.  Feel free to give me feedback on BB or streaming in general.  Like I said, I might stream more BB if people will actually watch it lol

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