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Why do you play Visual Novels?

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It all started with me getting frustrated with certain VN anime adaptation endings :pyaa:, so i looked it up and found this thing got a 'Visual Novel'. Think that was mid 2013 around the time I joined Fuwa as well

Obviously found that extremely enjoyable and couldnt stop reading more and more, even the non-anime adaptation ones :mare:

Used to read almost everyday when I first started :michiru:, which coincidentally coincided with me finishing high school so I had around a year of free time before going abroad for Uni, almost ran out of stuff to read by the end lol. Boy some of the old ones i read were seriously long, thing it took me 15 days to do Ever17 even reading a lot daily.

Happy to see now so many more VNs being released each year, it was lucky to get one release a year back then.

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