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Extracting Scripts from a ANIM.teamMM game

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Inexperienced translation guy here trying to figure out how to extract the script from 僕ママ×友ママ交姦ハメップ性活 (https://vndb.org/v24151).

The game comes with five .dat files (mamap_define.dat, mamap_save.dat, mamap_sce.dat, mamap_system.dat, qSavedata.dat) in addition to the .exe along with folders for the CG, BGM, Movies, and Voices. I suspect the script is in the mamap_sce.dat file, but I have no idea how to extract that. I searched around a bit and tried GARbro, Crass, and a couple other miscellaneous tools but nothing seems to work. I did find a dead link for an extracted version of mamap_sce.dat on a different site however, so it does seem possible. If anyone could point me in the right direction I would appreciate it. Thanks!


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