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How do you English Patch a Vn?


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So I’m a bit confused, I don’t really understand how downloading and playing a English patch for a VN works. I’m confused if you need to buy the physical disk for the VN or if it works both if you download it digitally and then I’m also pretty confused in how downloading a patch and applying it to the VN itself work. If someone could explain I’d be forever grateful.

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There should be a readme.txt file with the patch, or at least some instructions written on the patch's download site. The method can change from VN to VN, if it's a console game like Amagami it gets a bit complicated, but when it's a PC release then it usually takes 5 seconds to install a patch.

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Well it depend on the VN like Pual said above. For Hoshiori, you just extract the rar patch inside the main game, while for Koichoco you need to install the patch. Keep in mind that it's just two examples that I could think of, and it definitely help if the OP give us what kind of VN that he want to play here so that we can give the advice.

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