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What's your favorite Key visual novel?


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I was just wondering what every ones favorite Key visual novel is, that is if you like their visual novels. I've just started playing vn's and since I've always been a fan of their anime adaptations i wanted to know which of their Vn's i should play! (My first VN is clannad by the way, i just bought it for ps4^^)

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Little Busters is my favorite, and then Clannad is my 2nd favorite Key vn. All of the Key vns I read are very good, including Kanon. I still need to read Harmonia finish Air, and I also hope I get to read Rewrite someday. I just love that Little Busters explores friendship, and etc. I also loved the ost and the characters. I also loved how it has comedy, minigames, and then the feels. 

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Clannad, as a whole, gave me so many vibes and good times. The true route is incredible and made me cry more than once, even though I already knew what was going to happen. I have watched the anime first, but to see what happened through the protag's eyes was a new experience by itself.

Second comes Air, as I think it does well everything it proposed itself to.

Then comes a tie between LB, with its great characters and story, and Rewrite, my first KEY game and which has my favorite girl Lucia, but both with terrible true routes. LB couldn't be shorter and more rushed, while Rewrite should simply not have that long and boring out of place route.

I didn't enjoy Kanon so much, but that is totally my fault. Planetarian is not that good... Does Charlotte count? If so, good premise, terrible performance.

And let's not talk about Angel Beats.

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I think this is one of the rare cases where I actually like the animes more than the visual novels. The Kanon anime is one of my all time favorites, followed by Angel Beats and Clannad. I didn't like Charlotte though.

If it comes to the visual novels it looks a bit different. The Kanon VN didn't age very well, so I prefer Clannad here. Technically Rewrite 'should' have been my favorite Key VN, but some of its endings almost ruined the VN for me. (Akane & Lucia's)

The only Key work I didn't like at all - neither VN or anime - was Little Busters. The heroines were totally bland and I hated the protagonist with a passion. The only passable characters were the three other dudes, but the entire time I was just pissed off that Kyousuke wasn't the protagonist and I was stuck with this little pussy Riki instead ('he' was even voiced by a girl).

Didn't play the other translated Key VN's Air, Planetarian or Harmonia yet. Not really interested in them, but I'd like to read Angel Beats and Summer Pockets if they get ever translated.

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Strangely enough, LB moved me far more than Clannad (didn't give too much of anything with Nagisa, yeah she's cute, but Ushio is just cuter). I like Nagisa but not that much. I like LB's characters more, and the feeling of friendship. In fact LB is an amazing story for all its shortcomings. Not so much the true underlying plot, but the whole journey.

I disagree with Planetarian being labeled a "masterpiece" on Steam. For me it's pretty overrated.

Harmonia is good too, but not that impactful.

Air, I liked it, but it's not that great.

Tomoyo After and Clannad After Stories are nice (TA is really heart-rending) and round up the whole package well.

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