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Lord Squiggles

Hello everyone!

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Hey everyone been a long time lurker in various VN communities and decided to make an account here mostly for recommendations though. The reason I don't really bother making accounts is more or less because I'm an on-off type of person, where I jump between interests pretty quickly although in the case for VN's however, that might change considering some of the games releasing this year have been on my watch list for years now and has pretty much rekindled my interest in these types of games.

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15 hours ago, AustriaVNFan said:

Welcome to our boards! Surely you will get lost of good recommendations here.

So what titles are you looking forward to that release this year?

Pretty much all of the Nekonyan releases as well as the Ley-Line trilogy (I hope), and hopefully Sona Nyl, Baldr Sky, and Aiyoku No Eustia.

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