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Romance of Raskya [War/Roman-esque][BxG][Demo Available]

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The city of Dagara is burning.

For years the rapacious legions of Raskya killed and looted their way across the land, seeking glory and the addition of new territory to their empire in the south. At last the war seemed to be over, with Dagara conquered and made into a Raskyan province. In truth, it was only the setup for the second and final climax of bloodshed.

A traitorous Raskyan general has seized the city and plans to use it and its population as his shield to draw his rival into a final battle against him. That rival and his thousands of bloodthirsty legionaries wait outside the city walls, hammering them with siege engines and delightfully counting the days until they can kill and enslave everyone inside, citizen and soldier alike.

Amidst all this, two lovers seek to reunite. A soldier outside the walls knows his beloved is held hostage within, and that if his side wins she will die horribly in the massacre that will surely follow. He seeks to save her above all else, even working to undermine his own side to increase her chances of survival. Within the city, she receives coded messages from him, as they coordinate a plan to reunite and escape from the bloodshed together.

Viewing the siege from the changing perspective of both lovers, make decisions that will affect the outcome of the war, and whether or not you will have a future together.

Or whether you can even survive.

















  • A dark and erotic story in a war-torn world where you must fight for your happiness
  • Set in a fictional history based on the ancient Mediterranean world
  • Switching viewpoints between two protagonists
  • Multiple branching paths and endings
  • CGs highlighting the most dramatic moments of cruel violence and sensual romance (Note: The final game contains nudity, but the demo does not)



Script - 100%
Sprites - 100%
BGs- 100%
CGs - 70%
Music - 55%
GUI - 55%
Coding - 70%

Updated: 09/19/2019



We are Basileus, and we want to inspire you the way we've been inspired over the years by our favorite stories. Essentially, we're a group of history, anime and video game nerds with a desire to create stories with a historical flavor and an erotic edge. We've got big plans for future games set in the universe of Romance of Raskya and beyond, but it all starts here with the Raskya team:

Basileus Jay- Writer, director, coder

Basileus Doug- Producer, web design
Email | Twitter

Zachary Pontzer- Music and sound

Morinoir- Character art
Email | DeviantArt

Stephanie Hess- CG Art

Henry Ou- Background art



Website: https://www.basileusgames.com/

Patreon: https://www.patreon.com/basileusgames

Twitter: https://twitter.com/BasileusGames

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/romanceofraskya/

Edited by BasileusJay
Updated progress percentages

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