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Recommend me a good VN that isn't too light or too dark


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Hey, I'm back.

Now I don't exactly know what type of VN I'm looking for but it's definitely not a tearjerker or a dark chuuni vn cause I had my fill of those. Just recommend me something good that won't bore me sleep. I'm reading Riddle Joker currently and it's.. okay? At least I'm entertained enough to not drop the vn midway. I would prefer untranslated vns from recent years if possible.

Thank you in advance.

EDIT: Should add that I already plan to check out Yuzusoft's other games so no point in recommending those.

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Dengeki Stryker, it's not exactly recent but the design looks modern and it was an entertaining story overall, at least it kept me reading for hours. I wonder if it falls under chuuni category though, I guess it does, a bit. Chances are that you've already played it, but if you didn't then I think it's worth a try.

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