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You can watch STPC weekly then, and while I'm at PreCure subject here you can watch both of GPPC and PCSS (YPC5 and the sequel is nice too, and you may as well check MGPC). For non-PreCure magical girl series, I think you can watch Yuuki Yuuna there and that the series is resembled Madoka. Other than that, I think both of Ultra Maniac and Full Moon are nice too if only it's more leaned toward romance instead of fighting. I hope that my recommendations here would be helpful to you.

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If you want something more action focused then Mahou Shoujo Lyrical Nanoha might be something for you. The first season was a bit too slow for my taste but season 2 is one of my favorite anime ever, even as a not big fan of the genre. There are also movie adaptions for both seasons, so if you can't get into season 1 the movie is a fine replacement.

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