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Do you think we will have a visual novel awards?

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Definitely not in the West, because those RL award shows cost huge amounts of money and there's not enough resources or advertising opportunities connected to VNs for that to work. Not sure if there's a culture of award shows in Japan, but considering we'd be talking mostly about eroge in this context, I have had time imagining how this would work. Unless you make the awards show part of a porn convention. :D

So, yeah, annual awards given by websites, like the Getchu ones, are probably the most we'll ever get. 

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I'm pretty sure we already have vn awards with stuff like the Moe Game awards. In a way, it would be nice to have bigger events for increasing the popularity of vns, but as others in this thread have mentioned, awards don't necessarily mean anything and are often determined by the goals of the company hosting the awards. This selection process can focus on exalting games that are profitable or maintain a limited view on what vns are, which can make it harder for games that are good for other things to gain a following and can stagnate creativity. This is, of course, excluding cases where vns get awarded outside vn-specific circles, like with DDLC. Vns are still a young and niche medium, so big awards programs might not be the best idea right now.

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