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Since I've been reading VNs for some time now I figured that it would be nice to finally join y'all. (I-i-its not like I've been browsing walkthroughs pretty often OK?!? D-don't get the wrong ideas.)

My first VN would be Katawa Shoujo (that's probably the case for quite some people) and I absolutely fell in love with the medium ^^

Anyways! Please, take good care of me!


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Welcome to our forums. We are happy to have you on board :)

Looking at the votes of your VNDB profile you seem to enjoy the medium a lot! Just a small hint that I recently got in this forum for voting on VNDB: you can also vote values like 8.2 or 9.1 if you want. For that you have to choose 'Other' and then type in the value. I didn't know that was possible until someone told me here.

Anyways, I hope you will have fun on the boards here

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Welcome to Fuwanovel, and sorry for the belated greeting here. If you in need of some recommendations here, you can read my blog posts here and hopefully some of the VNs could fulfill what you want to read here later (I knew you already read and took a liking to Chrono Clock, Saku Saku, and Fureraba here). Lastly I hope that you'll have fun here.

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