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How often do you use the H-Scene Playback from the Extra Menu in Visual Novels?

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As you all know I've made a whole bunch of H-scene related discussion topics in the past.

However, one thing I've always interested about but never asked for some reason is how often do you guys personally use the H-scene playback in the Extra Menu?

I know many like to look at the CGs so I'm curious about one of the other main parts of the Extra menu that's in basically every eroge these days.

If you don't want to share your personal answer, you can vote anonymously in this strawpoll here:


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Not really used it yet, though I have so many nukige to read atm that it just seem pointless to go back to reread a H-scene, but I might use it in the future for some of my favorite H-scenes. Will use it for Imopara 2 though, but that is only to take screenshots of CGs for the animated scenes, since the CG gallery only has the animated version of the CG regardless of whether you downloaded the no animation patch or not. Well I suppose I also use it sometimes when I am looking for screenshots to use for the vndb page of the VN when I feel like there is a lacking amount of screenshots or the screenshots are only in japanese and there is an english version, though in this case I just skip and randomly pick a place to take the screenshot from that seems okay.

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Usually after finishing a part of the VN. And every now and then after that for obious reasons.

I wouldn't ever finish a VN if I read them during the Story so I usually only skim through them and watch them completely later.

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