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Hojo Jun

[PSP] Chaos;Head Noah English Translation

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Seriously that it's your reason to give up translate a VN, what did you expect, everyone being nice and kind.

When you decide to translate a VN you must expect rude words and comments and don't take it seriously.

I understand it's not fun to get rude words and comments but that must you take when you decide to form a translate group.

I'm sure other translate group and company like MG, Sekai, NekoNyan and JAST USA have get many rude words and comments but you don't se them give up translating a VN, they are continue translate VN and release in public when they are finished with it, so they are not disappointed they so are looking forward to VN in English.

Be part of translate group or make your own translate group it's not easy and always fun. But you must take it and continue forward without give up.

Have others translate group and company give up same reason as you, we would not have any VN in English at all.

But it's your decision but it's many so are disappointed include me. 

Since I'm sure many was looking forward to play this VN in English.

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So you didn't get enough attention and now you're throwing a bit of a tantrum and won't release it... Take your patch and leave, thanks. I'll admit any rudeness towards you during the process was unnecessary though, but people here aren't exactly known for their good manners.

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I wonder if my comment was really that rude, I was just being honest. If I started translating something and had about 99% done, I would release it just for the sake of releasing, otherwise all the time spent would have been for nothing. I did some minor translations in the past, just to have someone else re-uploading it without any credits, because "life is simply unfair". If you mean someone else's comment, well, most translation projects die eventually (not everyone is able to keep motivated to translate text for 100 hours, for free), so the community tends to be harsh towards translators who came out of nowhere. About people complaining about the quality instead of pointing solutions, I can sympathize; I've read that the Spanish translation patches for Ever 17 and Chaos;Head suck badly, though neither one was fully tested by the community to receive feedback. If people were more friendly, most groups would not give up after their first translation. Even when the translation work is good, they will just ask for the sequel to be translated.


In any case, there is another project for Chaos;Head Noah in this forum and Chiyomaru hinted at a official localization (which I found out after my initial post here):


Steins;Gate My Darling's Embrace was released without notice, so I assume it will happen again with this game.

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