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Higurashi different ost explanations ?


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Hey everyone, I've been playing the 07thmod patched mangagamer version of Higurashi, and while doing some research, I heard about differences between ost from the original japanese version of Higurashi, the mangagamer's one and the ps2 version ? So I wondered what are those differences ? Is the ost different in the ps3 and ps4 versions as well ? And finally which version have the best ost in your opinion ?

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The newer Mangagamer version uses the same ost as the original Japanese game. The first Mangagamer version simply used different set of songs, since there were some troubles with licensing the songs from the original version. I'm not so sure about the console versions, but I think they also replaced the ost in the first four chapters with some songs from Higurashi Kai and some new songs.

As for Higurashi Kai, the first Mangagamer version also didn't have a few songs from the original, but overall osts in all versions are about the same.

5 hours ago, Yuno-Gasai said:

And finally which version have the best ost in your opinion ?

Not the Mangagamer version, at least.

By the way, even if you decide to play this version, which I don't recommend since the newer translation exists (though it's currently only translated to chapter 6), it's possible to restore the soundtrack from the original version with an unofficial patch.

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