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Ojou-sama recommendation with a twist

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So I am looking for something that might be a bit odd. I am looking for a VN with at least one Ojou-sama route BUT the main conflict of that route cannot be the parents disapprove of the relationship due to social status difference. Bonus points for the parents actually approving of the relationship. Side characters can disapprove and small sub-plots are fine but not parents saying no etc etc. The only VN I can currently think of that I have read that has this is some of the routes in Princess Evangile. And a number of the routes would not fit into this. Also being translated is a must since I cannot read Japanese, however VNs likely to receive a translation are welcome. 

Thanks for any recommendations!

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The twins from Konosora (Asa and Yoru) can be counted as ojou-sama here, and if I did remember they focused more on the relationship rather than the parents approval. Maitetsu could be count as well, seeing that we have Paulette. You can also wait for Damekoi as well, seeing that one of the three side heroines is the ojou-sama. I hope that my recommendations here would be helpful to you.

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Thanks for the recomendations guys!. I definitely want to check out Making Lovers and Damekoi because they look to have a number of things I want to see in a VN. Too bad I will have to wait on the translation of both of those. Side note: when does Damekoi come out in English because I am super interested in it.

I stalled on Noble Works for some reason but that reminds me I should go back and give it another shot. I have no tried Otoboku due to the cross dressing protagonist but maybe I should check it out too. Prima Stella also looks interesting but no translation :vinty:

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