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Rewrite - PSP English Patch


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So... This project is discontinued

I remember 2 years ago (aug 2019, i think...) when i see this thread i was so hyped... And 1 year later (14 nov) i thought this project is dead.... But someone say that this project is still alive.... So i waiting... (Again)

And now... When i come back again (after 11.9 months) i see this project is discontinued (i afraid if "discontinued" is dead, i hope not)

So yeah.... I will come back to see this project (thread) in 1 year later (nov 2022) (and still waiting & i hope this project will continue again, & i don't want this project will become the next "Amagami ebkore" ( u know what i mean....) 

But... Yeah i hope this project will not abandoned, and that's my comment (i will back 1 year later, & post new comment/reply if i don't back maybe i died or forgot my password, lol) see u next time~

Edit = but... 99.99% almost 100% lol (only 0.1% to complete this haha) jk

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