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Insecure heroine

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I'm not sure how to describe this lol but I'm looking for a insecure heroine who thinks she's ugly. Like a big part of her story and personality has to be about what she thinks of her looks. Anything like it? 

Doesn't have to be translated. Thank you and sorry if this has been asked before!

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Does it matter if its eroge?

Kotone from UBW may fit. Ultimate Boob Wars 2s plot line includes the fact that women with medium boobs are considered ugly and they have low self esteem.

+1 to hanako from katawa shoujo, almost perfectly fits your bill.

Mayuzumi Yukie frim Majikoi is really insecure and worries about herself a lot though unfortunately its more of a personality trait rather than specific insecurity about how she looks


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Thanks for the recommendations I'll be looking into all of these. Most of these characters seem to shy or antisocial and I guess you can't really avoid that since being shy and insecure seems to go hand in hand, but what I am really looking for is a character whos outgoing but only is insecure about what she looks like. (If there isn't anything like it; are there any heroines who are considered ugly by the other heroines or the main character?)

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16 hours ago, Larxe1 said:

If that actually happens, H-scenes would be hell to go through unless it's some godlike VN that makes you love the heroine even if she's ugly.

Face > Pillow

Even if they did communicate ugliness via face, they would probably still have anime-perfect skin and bodies.
I would hope it wouldn't take a God-like intervention for an ugly person to be loved.
That said, I've love to see it. It's really amusing to see a cast respond to an unusual choice by the protag (if he chooses a loli, or those scenes in Grisaia)
I'd love to choose the ugly heroine with the good personality and see it reflected in dialogue in the rest of the game.

Probably not going to happen. We have other types of pity-choices already, and there's no reason to make anyone in an anime/vn world anything less than beautiful (unless it's representing otaku-type people/the reader, apparently.)

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