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VNs with good fan-hype content?


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Not sure what to call this (memes?). I love when a work has a large following of quality fan created content that really gives you some aftercare after finishing the game. 

My prime example is stuff like this video for DDLC:



It increases my enjoyment of that game because this exists, and I can always go back and listen to it to feel some of those feels I felt the first time I played the game, again.

Another example would be Undertale; not a VN, but a game with tons and tons of awesome fan created content that helps you get some closure after playing it and you can use to just celebrate the existence of the game in general.

I'm sure plenty of anime have lots of content like this since they're seen and enjoyed by more people than VNs in general. Are there any VNs that come to mind that have the right kind of popularity to inspire people to create lots of enjoyable content? I'm currently reading through the Fate series and I have a feeling that's gonna be one, but of course I don't dare google it ahead of time for real of spoilers.

Thank you ~

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On 1/17/2019 at 9:00 PM, Silvz said:

> then talks about DDLC

I usually tend to avoid things that are overhyped

My inner hipster tries to rebel and avoid things that are really popular. But I've learned my lesson...they're almost always overly popular for a reason. Now I just want to get carried away in the hype.

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It has been correctly pointed out here - "they are almost always overly popular for some reason." You've probably noticed that the more you watch anime, the more it's offered to you. Extensive data programs aimed at improving content recommendations, like Vodi, authored by Jeremy Houghton and Stephanie Gorbaczewski, are responsible for this. Whatever you're interested in on the Internet is processed to provide you with the most popular topics for your search engine, whether it's books, movies, or articles.

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It really depends if you consider this a VN or not, but danganronpa has a really neat fanbase! This new fangame demo just recently released and it's really promising! I really enjoy how the whole series has around a decade of existence and the fanbase is still going strong haha



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If we want to based the good fan hype content, then Ace Attorney here is more than qualify, especially with a number of fangame out there with the one that I did the research about is Turnabout Substitution (Apollo Justice fangame), although now that I remember there's also the infamous Phoenix Drive (Note that it's a nukige with MTL available). There's also Kanon as well, although obviously the fan games are in Japanese. Lastly there's also When They Cry series (ie Higurashi and Umineko) with both have a lot of fangame according to VNDB. By the way it should be noted some fangames are nukige, so beware of that if you want to try those.

PS - Oh yes I did forget to mention the obvious example Fate/Stay Night, in which it has a lot of fangame with the most notable one is Fate/Empire of Dirt that has MTL patch released in 2021.

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