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50 translated VNs you should read before you die

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4 hours ago, Okarin said:

Sorry, but I really think that to make a "top X", you have to have had read 30 or 40 VNs at least, and some long ones. And it takes years.

Then taste is also factored in, of course. But memorable VNs tend to stay memorable.

The outdated art is a poor argument, I feel, because trying old games (that probably were hits on their day) will give you a wider perspective of the history and evolution of VNs.

I did like 80 vn (not sure, it's 70-90). I didn't read only the vn on this list, lol. And some are really long (kara no shoujo 2, kamidori, root double ...) I'm just ranking the vn on this list, not every vn I read. I'm not like Kaguya who seems to have done every vn on this planet, but I think I have enough experience in vn to give a good enough point of view.

I agree about the outdated art, it was a troll of my own, like with fate stay/night and steins;gate. 

I tried to not let my personal taste ruin my ranking, except for action-oriented vn that I don't like. (Katawa shoujo would be tier 1 if I would stay subjective, lol) (but of course the ranking will be biaised, taste is factored in yeah)

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Sorry for the post necromancy. I thought the original poster, if they're still around five years later, might be happy to hear that someone else found their list useful. 

"50 VNs to read before you die"

Well, guess what - I am literally dying and trying to read these 50 VNs before I do in the yearish time I have left. I just sort of stumbled upon this bucket list goal and I've already read a good 15 in a couple months (I have infinite free time atm and literally play all day).

No regrets from this course of action so far! It's an excellent usage of time given my circumstances and it makes me feel like I'm living multiple lives without having to leave home. So many ups and downs, so much catharsis. So much of it connects to the relationships and experiences I've had so far in life. I only wish I had discovered VNs earlier, but I do think I have just enough time to read all the good (translated) ones. 

I've picked up a few random games not on this list as my interests broaden (went through a Yandere phase for example) and I'm sure there's at least one or two games not on this list I would really love, but in the end I think it's most useful just to have any decent list and goal and go at it instead of wasting too much time researching and waffling. In that manner, this list was perfect for my needs. 

Waffling...waffle...wafu...wafter. That's right. If I'm going to have any regrets, I think it'll be only that games like Kud Wafter and Summer Pockets are almost certainly not gonna be translated in the time I have. Can't get enough Key.


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18 hours ago, Corrupted said:

Sorry for the post necromancy.

No need to apologize. The problem with thread revival is when it's for no good reason, like saying "I agree" and nothing else. What you wrote is likely the most touching post I have ever read on Fuwa. It takes guts to look death in the eyes and declare "I won't be ruled by fear". I'm thinking about some other things to say, but somehow it all ends up being insignificant compared to what you just wrote.

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Oops. This is awkward. I actually got really, really, really lucky and survived. So, I felt obligated to say something/give closure.

I now have a new favorite hobby (reading VNs) that synergies great with the other things I enjoy (learning Japanese, watching anime).  VNs are the best thing I got out of the near death experience.  So, still, and again, thanks for the list.  You contributed to the creation of a new lifelong VN reader.  Thanks!  

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