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Guys, I finally made a twitter

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For real though, I didn’t make a post just to shill. I am here to start a post conference discussion regarding Visual;Coference 2019. So let this be the main thread for conversing this stuff.


Where to begin?

@NaiDriftlin Got us Tickets. The only other person I saw there that was from Fuwa is @Plk_Lesiak. If I haven’t seen you, I am sorry. So the conference was really fun. I should’ve asked “Why is this discord the Sekai Project Discord?”. I don’t know why. 


The Talks

There were no Japanese speakers this time around because the organizer ran out of time and did everything late. Life gets in the way. So, you can’t blame him for that, but we had plenty of speakers. My favorites were: Wolf’s talk on NanoReno, AGILUS’s talk on organizing a conference like this, Quilly’s talk on the VN development pipeline, and Ryechu’s for obvious reasons. You come the talks, but you stay for the people. 


The People

This is one of the hardest parts to talk about, because the goal for me is to become part of the industry. Because I love reading VNs, but I love making VNs more. So, getting into a room (or virtual room) full of VN developers would easily be the highlight of my day. Honestly, I glad, so much grateful for @NaiDriftlin. I finally got to talk to a ton of people. Who all happening to be working on VNs as well. I was really happy when they opened everything up to voice chat on Discord, it feels a lot better to talk to people through voice, so you can actually her their voices behind their anime avatars. 


In Conclusion

Honestly, I don’t want this to be a long post, because it’s just a jumping off point into further discussion by anyone who happened to be there or willing to learn what happened exactly. Because I can only provide my viewpoint. The conference lasted 7 hours, but after that we hanged for three more hours until I left like at 9:30 PM EST. Overall, I am really happy. On average I am a pretty happy individual, but right now you can say I am exprencing Happiness+

(Pun intended.)

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@Happiness+, the event was on Sekai's Discord because the organizer is also a Sekai employee. :)

I also enjoyed the Conference a lot, even though I missed a few initial talks (will have to check some of them on YouTube later). Also, I earlier thought that @NaiDriftlin got some tickets to distribute from the organizer, but then Aginyan mentioned that he simply buys extra tickets to give away every year. That insanely generous of you Nai, thank you! :kosame: I owe you a lot of good time and 10 Twitter followers. :wahaha:

2 hours ago, Clephas said:

Twitter is evil.  Immediately erase it so that you can escape the chains of the monster that is big social media corporations.

I'd love to boycott all the evil tech corporations, but I'm afraid I'm not yet ready to throw away my computers and start living in a cave. :sachi:

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Well congratulation on that, and perhaps I'll follow your way to make the thread when someday I make my first tweet later lol. As for conference thing, to be honest I didn't watch it and apparently it didn't have any news in regard of the VNs release from Sekai, so I'll pass for now (I'm still waiting for Daybreak release).

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