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[project] Sakura no Kisetsu Ren'py remake project


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The project isn't dead (it just smells funny ;) )

Today I pasted another few hundred japanese lines into Ren'py script, reaching 32% (or, near the end of 6th chapter).

Also, for those interested, here's the comparison of various image versions, using the train station background as an example.

1. Original 16 color version - this will be the default mode:
2. "Enhanced" version from english-only "JAST Memorial edition" - it's just the original with some basic blur applied:
3. My "256 color version" - made with few layers of blurring and re-sharpening - this will be used as an alternative graphic mode in my version:


After I finish pasting Japanese text into Ren'py, I will have to solve two coding/engine problems. First will be smooth switching of soundtrack versions - current implementation requires restarting the game, and when loading a save, the music version will change only at the new track. And the second thing - which will be easy, but time consuming - will be to code grahpic mode switching.

After all that is done, the "only" remaining thing will be adding English translation.

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