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1 minute ago, KuroiRaijinSama said:

Ho provato con fxckBGI_v2.4 e sembra aver estratto tutto completamente, ma quando li ho archiviati mi dà lo stesso problema.

It's encryption. The files are password protected. So even if we successfully extract the data it is still treated as encrypted and won't be packed correctly. (This was happening in my case)


I would maybe go ask on some tech sites, or wait a few hours cause the site will have it's peak hours soon and a more competent hacker (I usually don't hack and only dabble in it, I do mod though) than me might show up. 


Also, I am going to sleep as it is 6am here. Good luck man!

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Just now, Naterocks2000 said:

È crittografia. I file sono protetti da password. Quindi, anche se estraiamo con successo i dati, viene comunque trattato come crittografato e non verrà imballato correttamente. (Questo stava accadendo nel mio caso)


Potrei andare a chiedere su alcuni siti tecnologici, o aspettare qualche ora perché il sito avrà presto le ore di punta e un hacker più competente (di solito non lo faccio e lo diletto, ma mod lo faccio) rispetto a me mostrare. 


Inoltre, vado a dormire come sono le 6 del mattino qui. Buona fortuna ragazzo!

Thanks and sorry for the trouble.

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Almost two years later, but here you go.

Using v1 for repacking works just fine, but it has a filename limit of 16 characters. This means that when you try to repack the scripts, any file with a name longer than 16 chars will get it's name cut i.e. "himari_love_encount" (inside data01810.arc) will be renamed to "himari_love_enco". And of course, since the game is only looking for the first file, it won't load it if it isn't there.

However, there's a way to bypass this: by renaming any file whose name is longer than 16 characters to something shorter and replacing the engine calls for the old filename to the new one.

I tested this by renaming "himari_love_encount" to "himari_love_enc".
Now, the engine files that call for this file are "himari_sel_lv1", "himari_sel_lv2", "himari_sel_lv3", and "himari_sel_lv4", inside data01210.arc. They can be opened like any script file.
I replaced every instance of "HIMARI_LOVE_ENCOUNT" with "HIMARI_LOVE_ENC" and then repacked it.
Now it loads the script properly and doesn't display a black screen.
(too lazy too add images, will do it later)

You have to do this for ANY file that has a filename of over 16 characters. It's a bit tedious, but it works.

Protip: Use GARbro to unpack the files. It's the only tool you'll ever need to unpack stuff (most of the time).
Protip 2: Use SacanaWrapper to extract the scripts. It's a tool made by the same guy who made EthornellEditor that uses all of his tools as plug-ins.

And for the love of god, don't contact game/loc companies asking for ways to fan translate their games. It's a nice way of getting a Cease and Desist.


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